Could Brexit be good for temporary workers?

Date: 30th Friday, September, 2016

There is one thing for sure in business - nobody welcomes uncertainty.  It eats at the heart of decision making and creates feelings of unease.  As we emerge from the intensity of the EU referendum debate, many are numbed by the doom and gloom that has perpetuated in the media about our collective destiny.  Employers are facing a future of change tainted with a touch of unpredictability.   Life must go on, however, and customers still demand goods and services.  From the temporary employment market perspective, some businesses are deciding to hold back on new recruitment and instead, are filling the needs gap with temporary vacancies.  This approach makes perfect sense in many instances as it introduces greater flexibility into the workforce along with tighter control.  Transport, industrial and warehousing positions in particular will all need to reflect the emerging economic picture.  For the short term, the status quo will prevail as we all get on with our day jobs.  By the time the UK splits from the EU, whenever that will be, we will all have a better idea of where the land lies.  It is likely that many companies will shift to a broader temporary base where possible and this may become the de facto model as the benefits of strategic workforce management become more appealing to many in addressing future changes. The optimistic view sees the emergence of new businesses and business opportunities as the UK extends its commercial reach.  And of course the temporary employment sector will play its role in responding to this growth by injecting agility into the labour market. 

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