Put the phone down!

Are we becoming a nation of amnesiacs? Judging by the constant use of phones in cars and lorries on our roads, I guess the answer must be ‘yes’.  All the messages and laws restricting the use of mobiles are still... - Read more


Modern day slavery

‘Modern-day slavery’ could almost be accused of being an oxymoron – but unfortunately, it isn’t.  It is 2017 yet in some respects we still exist in the dark ages!  Most people would be astonished to hear that slavery, for example,... - Read more


Brake before the bend . . . please!

Our love affair with vehicles and the thrill of speed is an enduring part of the human psyche.  Many of us are speed-junkies at heart.  With technology delivering high performance ‘as standard’ even basic models can now achieve impressive acceleration... - Read more


Synths – Fiction or the future?

If you are a sci-fi fan you will have enjoyed the hit series, Humans, as it tackles the proposition of how ‘humanoid’ robots – Synths - would share our world.  It’s not a new concept by any means but perhaps... - Read more


THINK! - Cyclist turning left (if you can see them!)

The Government’s campaign to raise awareness of the safety issues around HGV’s and the cyclist has roused diametrically opposed opinions fuelling the debate on safe road sharing.   Official figures state over 100 fatalities in the past five years with 20%... - Read more


Could Brexit be good for temporary workers?

There is one thing for sure in business - nobody welcomes uncertainty.  It eats at the heart of decision making and creates feelings of unease.  As we emerge from the intensity of the EU referendum debate, many are numbed by... - Read more


Calling all ladies . . .

After a long spell of male domination, we now have a female PM with Theresa May.  Across the Atlantic we may also see Hilary Clinton elected as the first female President of the United States. In Scotland, we have Nicola... - Read more


TBC 25 years of success

Who would have thought it?  One minute you have the flame of an idea, the next it’s a multi-million-pound successful organisation that’s 25 years old!  And that’s no mean feat!  Working in recruitment is a barometer of the economy so when... - Read more


National Living Wage to benefit temporary employment sector?

The increase in the National Living Wage as of 1st April this year is undoubtedly a double edged sword.  Excluding those on apprenticeships, those over 25 are now legally entitled to £7.20 per hour.  Good for recipients but the changes... - Read more


Life’s not all that digital!

What a world we live in. The constant refreshing of online digital media is just getting a pain in the neck.  NO I jest not.  We, as a race of supposed upright homosapiens are developing aches, pains and curvatures we... - Read more

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