Keeping calm . . . some secrets of getting through an interview

Date: 8th Monday, June, 2015

Keeping calm when all around you . . . some secrets of getting through an interview without losing your nerve

Interviews are nerve-racking for many.  Why?  Well, they are not everyday events and the outcome can be life changing so the unconscious mind can run amok sending your stomach into a spin and your voice into, what may feel like, an uncontrollable dither.  It doesn’t feel great!  If you are one of these people that gets nervous at the very thought of an interview, consider a few ideas that may help you through that hour in your life without as much as a waiver.

I’ve banged on about this before – and will again but the answer to successful interviews is preparation.  In fact let’s go one step further – it’s perfect preparation. The more you have prepared before the meeting, the more you will be in control during the meeting.  Don’t forget, you are being interviewed because the interviewing company believe you are good enough to be invited to discuss the role – so don’t assume otherwise!  Poor preparation will put you at a disadvantage and will make you feel nervous and vulnerable – for good reason.  Take charge of the interview – sell yourself and this will set the tone for the meeting and make you feel more relaxed and confident.  Leave everything to fate and you may experience more discomfort than you bargained for!

If you can – ask you friends and family to interview you for practice.  Don’t be bashful or shy because it’s the end goal that is important.  Swallow your pride, be open minded and have a go.  Give them some questions to ask you to start with and then let them make some up.  The more you practice and the more feedback you receive the greater chance you will have of improving your technique and feeling under control.  And, more importantly – controlling those dastardly nerves!

On the day, listen carefully to the questions you are asked and take your time to consider your responses.  Make an effort to speak clearly without whispering or taking into your chin.  Maintain eye contact and smile.  All of these physical actions will help you relax and feel more comfortable.  More to the point, it will make your interviewer feel more comfortable too.  You may also consider some simple breathing exercises before you get to the interview, these can help with releasing tension and getting your heart rate under control.  During the interview – breathe normally and regularly.

Don’t be afraid to introduce some humour into the conversation as this can be a great ice breaker.  But don’t overdo it - nobody likes a smarty pants!  Above all, have self believe that the role is made for you and give your best and you will soon expel you nerves to Room 101!

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