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The Best Connection Kidderminster reaches out to Ukrainian community to provide jobs

The Best Connection employment business, which provides flexible workforce solutions to the driving, industrial and warehousing & distribution markets, has reached out to the Ukrainian community in Kidderminster to find employment for refugees.

On hearing the news that some Ukrainian refugees were moving to the Kidderminster area, Branch Manager, Kerry Jones, set about engaging with the refugees to help find them work. Initially, this was through social media followed by face-to-face meetings which quickly resulted in a married couple being offered work with a local business which created a specific job role for them to work together. This was promptly followed by another couple who were also offered employment together. The new recruits have since shared The Best Connection's details with other Ukrainian refugees to help them find work.

As a result, The Best Connection is now working closely with local businesses including Evtec Aluminium, to recruit Ukrainian refugees.

One of the Ukrainian placements is a qualified gas and heating engineer. He is unable to practice in the UK until his qualifications are ratified or he retrains. To help with this situation, Kerry Jones looked locally for assistance.

'I contacted the local college for help and arranged to meet with the person responsible for setting up English language lessons and support for local Ukrainian refugees. Consequently, The Best Connection is now collaborating closely with the college, which has helped to secure funding to have his qualifications assessed,' Kerry Jones explained.

Ukrainian refugees in the UK bring a vast amount of knowledge and work experience and are motivated to find work to become independent and self-sufficient. With the high employment levels currently being experienced in the UK, job openings present a welcome opportunity for many refugees to earn.

'We are delighted to support the Ukrainian community in finding employment in the locale. Kerry's initiative in Kidderminster and her willingness to work alongside support bodies such as colleges will help an increasing number of people to understand what services are available to them as they start to settle into their new lives in the UK,' said Neil Yorke, Director, The Best Connection.

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