Awarded for Bravery


John Rastrick receives Bravery Award from EMAS

The Best Connection's temporary worker, John Rastrick, has been recognised for his bravery by East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS) after he rescued a female driver, Pari Mistry, from a burning vehicle on the M1 in January 2019, saving her life.

John was returning to his assignment in Chesterfield, travelling northbound on the M1 on January 17th, 2019. As he approached Junction 20 at around 5:45pm he could see stationary traffic ahead. He was alerted by a car that had been struck and was on fire.

He explained to EMAS: 'I saw her car spin two or three times when another car collided with her and her vehicle immediately set on fire . . . I just knew at that moment that there was no-one else around to help and I had to do what was right.'

The vehicle was driven by Pari Mistry, a young lady who was on her way home from work. The petrol tank had been damaged by the impact and the car had instantly burst into flames. In response, John pulled over, switched-on his hazard lights, jumped out of the cab and ran to the burning car. As he opened the driver side door, he could see the inside of the car was engulfed in flames. John found Pari in an unresponsive state and had to wrestle with the seatbelt in order to release her. After freeing her from the vehicle he moved her to a safe place where she was later attended to by EMAS.

'We are delighted that John has been recognised in this way for this heroic act. There is no doubt he put his own life at risk to save a stranger. We are very proud of him,' said Neil Yorke, Director, The Best Connection.

Police attending the scene highlighted that John's quick actions had saved Ms Mistry's life. After the event, members of the public who witnessed John's heroics sent messages of praise to his employer.

Since the accident, Ms Mistry, who was seriously injured, has undergone a lengthy rehabilitation process to regain her speech and mobility. She was able to reunite with John and the EMAS crew for the ceremony.

(Image courtesy of Michaela Soltys)

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