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The Best Connection Delivers Exceptional Results for Makita UK

Seamless Employee Transfers

Cost and Time Savings

Improved Communication

Company Background

Power tool manufacturer

Substantial growth

Milton Keynes

90 Staff employed

Makita UK are a market leading power tool manufacturer with a global presence.  Their UK headquarters in Milton Keynes was established in 1992 and has seen substantial growth as their business has grown, with over 90 staff employed in their logistics and warehouse functions.

To support their permanent workforce, Makita use a regular supply of temporary workers and had worked with their current incumbent for many several years.

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Problem/Issue Client was Facing

As part of their drive for continuous improvement, Makita embarked on a staffing review to assess their current agency relationship and explore alternatives.

Although they had a good relationship with their existing agency, they felt that there could be better communication between the two and better interaction with their onsite facility.  Subsequently, they reached out to additional agencies within their vicinity, to discuss the opportunity.

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Our Solution

Warehouse Manager Patrick Ellis, familiar with The Best Connection from past experiences, initiated contact with Trudy at the Milton Keynes branch.

This sparked a collaborative journey, with The Best Connection’s National Sales team engaging in multiple consultations to grasp Makita’s unique requirements and challenges. Patrick appreciated the agency’s consultative approach, empowering him to make informed decisions.

The evaluation extended to the Onsite operation, with Alex and Adrian from The Best Connection’s Onsite team conducting an in-depth analysis of Makita’s requirements for a managed staffing solution.

The Makita and The Best Connection teams continued to work in collaboration, jointly creating a set of plans to implement the changes, including a comprehensive communications plan to guide staff transitions. Patrick praised the team’s proactive and thorough approach, ensuring all details were captured and all parties were protected.

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The Results

The transition unfolded smoothly place between November and January, with approximately 52 existing employees seamlessly transferring over in roles such as pickers, packers, drivers, cleaners and stock control. 

Notably, the Onsite Manager transitioned from the incumbent agency to oversee operations at Makita, further facilitating the process.

The local branch, represented by Lukas, Camille, and Lewis, provided excellent support in promptly sourcing additional workers as needed, even within tight deadlines.

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The Impact

Patrick lauds the tangible benefits realised post-transition. Not only did streamlined processes, like electronic timesheets and facial recognition software, boost efficiency, but also enhanced communication and centralized payroll management alleviated administrative burdens. Regular review meetings ensure a synchronised approach to workforce planning, improving productivity and performance. 

Patrick states that one of the additional benefits they have received, in addition to competitive pay rates and improved communication, has been an almost immediate increase in staff retention, in an area that previously had a high turnover. The centralised weekly payroll system managed by The Best Connection has considerably reduced worker enquiries.

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In Summary

To Patrick, the benefits of partnering with The Best Connection are clear: streamlined processes leading to cost and time savings, improved communication, and a well-coordinated workforce strategy. He emphasises an unwavering commitment to continuous improvement, underpinned by clear KPIs aligned with commercial objectives.

Without hesitation, Patrick wholeheartedly recommends The Best Connection, citing their collaborative spirit and transparent approach. To organisations considering their services, he offers unequivocal endorsement, praising the agency’s pivotal role in optimising workforce management for Makita UK.

He is keen to say, however, that no matter how well the transition has gone, they are not resting on their laurels. Both teams are continually striving for improvement, setting clear KPIs in line with commercial objectives to further drive productivity, performance and accountability.

When asked if he would recommend the agency, Patrick did not hesitate with his answer.

I would absolutely recommend The Best Connection.  They have a very collaborative approach, and the whole process was open and transparent.

To any similar organisations considering utilising them, I would have no hesitation in recommending them.

Patrick Ellis, Warehouse Manager