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How to Optimise Your Job Search

Searching for your dream job is never easy.  Where to look, what to look for, who to talk to … sometimes it’s difficult to know where to start. 

Our experts here at The Best Connection know a thing or two about the recruitment process and are here to share their top tips for candidates on how to optimise your job search and increase your chance of success. 

Our Top 6 Tips:

  1. Do your research
    If you have a dream job in mind, find out all you can about it.  Whether it is a warehouse manager, an office supervisor or a digital marketing assistant, you should research the role carefully.  Search recruitment websites and social media for similar job vacancies and make a note of the skills and qualifications they are seeking.  You can then review your CV to make sure it is aligned with these requirements and include any key words or phrases the company might be looking for. 
  2. Spend time on your CV
    Your CV is your chance to get noticed – make sure it stands out!  Use a professional template to structure it and highlight different sections – there are lots of free templates out there, Hubspot has links to many different types.  Make sure you include all the relevant information but try to keep it to two pages maximum. Focus on your achievements not just your responsibilities – for example ‘I Improved productivity by x’. Also make sure you include any skills that might be relevant to the job you ae seeking – such as good organisational and time management skills, problem solving and creative thinking. It may even be worthwhile having different CVs for different roles – you may be looking for temporary work until you get an interview for your dream job, in which case a separate CV would be useful here. 
  3. Include a cover letter
    Some people amend their CV for every job they apply for – this isn’t usually necessary, but you should always ensure that you have a personalised cover letter for the role you are applying for.  This should be addressed to the person recruiting and reference the specific role.  Use it as an opportunity to summarise why are you are perfect for the job! 
  4. Think about additional skills
    You should always include your education and qualifications in your CV but also think about additional skills you could demonstrate.  Have you undertaken any courses outside of work?  Perhaps you have done an on-line digital marketing course, or you have learnt a different language?  These could really help you stand out from the other applicants!  
  5. LinkedIn is a must
    If you are seeking a role in a larger company or at a more senior level, you should always consider creating a LinkedIn profile. This is in effect your online CV and your chance to communicate with potential employers.  Always make sure your profile is professional and appropriate for the job you are seeking.  LinkedIn has lots of advice here if you are unsure how to get started.  
  6. Get help from the professionals
    Finally, it’s always worth registering with a Recruitment Agency as they will have additional information and can help guide you through the process.  If you are applying for a specialist role it may be worth considering an agency that works only in that sector, and if you are seeking temporary work on an interim basis, a temporary recruitment agency such as The Best Connection can help find the most suitable positions.  

We hope you have found these tips useful.  Remember, your dream job is out there – we wish you all the best in finding it! 

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