HGV drivers beware!

Date: 24th Tuesday, April, 2018

You may have read about the recent attacks on lorry drivers to steal their cargo using a knock-out gas.  As if inadvertent people trafficking from Calais to Dover wasn’t bad enough, there are now even scarier challenges to consider for our road warriors.  This escalation of thievery is very worrying for the driver who innocently just needs to get their head down and wakes up feeling as though they may have had a slightly longer and deeper sleep than expected.  That’s of course assuming they do wake up.  If it wasn’t true it might be vaguely amusing but the fact is criminals have upped the ante and the consequences could be fatal.   I don’t suppose for one moment the dosage or application of gas would be administered to the unsuspecting driver’s cab with the skill of a dentist or anaesthetist.  More likely a random delivery pipe stolen from a camping shop and an off-the-shelf cannister of something noxious and highly inflammable.  There has been a blatant disregard for the person’s health and safety which could potentially result in death.  Clearly, for some in society, the risks of securing the hidden booty are worth it.  The realty for modern-day drivers is sobering.  Some people are out to get you if you do not take care.  Admittedly, the statistical probability of this happening to an individual is slim, but that is irrelevant if it’s you!  Drivers need to accept that it’s a constant war against criminality and some will go to any lengths to achieve their goals.  Drivers need to be vigilant and not take risks.  They need to expect the unexpected and plan for the absurd.  This doesn’t necessarily mean going to bed with a gas mask, though in-cab gas alarms may now become a useful accessory; but it does mean taking actions to minimise the chance of something untoward happening. As for the perpetrators, whilst many are eventually apprehended, drivers need to question ‘what if?' to be one step ahead.

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