Uber HGV? – you cannot be serious!

Date: 25th Friday, August, 2017

Think Uber, think taxi.  Of course, we do.  As a company that is regularly quoted as being an exponential growth business, Uber has built a global empire on the back of a mobile app. It is astonishingly successful and as part of its evolution it has branched out into the world of HGV.  Customers can use a similar service to book a driver to transport goods.  Although currently only available in the US, it’s only a matter of time before it reaches our shores.  Will this idea take off in the UK?  Perhaps, however, with the country suffering a shortage of qualified HGV drivers will this be the answer to a much-needed recruitment drive?  In the US, it is being ‘sold’ as a lifestyle occupation, giving the driver the choice to travel where and when they want. Sounds great in theory and Uber is working towards having a payment agreement within seven days which will be a further bonus. With demand outstripping supply, HGV drivers would definitely be in the driving seat so to speak and continuous work assignments may not be an issue.  Uber has also made a foray into the self-driving vehicle market through a recent acquisition of start-up business, Otto.  This technology is likely to be extended to HGV’s, offering a safe auto pilot option to drivers in the short-term.   It is just starting to hot-up in the driving sector and we are certain to see much more innovation and competition coming our way.

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